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Name:What If ...?
Posting Access:All Members
Community description:A fiction-prompt community that poses the question: "What if?"
This is a writers' prompt community dedicated to getting stories started.

Every story begins with a deceptively simple question: "What if ...?"

  • What if someone throws a handful of magic beans out the window?
  • What if a wardrobe were the gateway to a parallel universe?
  • What if a prince learns that his father was murdered?
  • What if a cygnet were raised in a flock of ducks?

How this Community Will Work:

I'll post a new "What if?" question every Saturday. My brain gravitates toward the fantasy and sci-fi end of the fictional spectrum. So after a while my prompts might start getting monotonous. Therefore, all Members are free to post their own "What if...?" prompts, should one pop up, as well. As long as:

  1. The prompt is phrased as a simple "What if...?" question.
  2. Prompts are rated "G." (Replies can be any rating. But the prompt must be "G").
  3. Prompts are original- and pan-fanfic friendly (Instead of asking "What if the Sorting Hat had put Harry into Slytherin?" rephrase it into something like this: "What if a child, prophesied to be the Savior, were taught by those on the Dark Side?")

Original fiction is highly encouraged, but fanfiction is also allowed. However: Do NOT play with another member's Original Character, or World. Only give constructive criticism if an author asks for it.

If the prompt inspires you to write something, post a comment in the reply thread using the following format:

This stuff is Mandatory:

Title: "The Title of Greater Exampledom"
Fanfic or Original: Original (Genre: Example) [or Fanfic (Fandom: Sampleville)]
Spoilers: None
Rating for Sexual Content and/or Violence: This example is rated "G" for both sex and violence.
Trigger Warnings for Violence, Phobias, or Squicks: Possible "Rule Phobia"
Wordcount: 0

Include a Link to your work in your own journal (make sure the entry is not access- or friends-locked)

This stuff is Optional:

  • Is it a finished piece, a work-in-progress, or a deliberate fragment?
  • Would you like constructive criticism (be specific: help with plotting, or character, or grammar, etc).
  • Did this "What if?" trigger other questions for you?

Including the information in a reply allows others to do a quick scan to decide which pieces are worth their time and energy. Don't assume anyone has any extra time, spoons, or bandwidth.

Spoiler and trigger warnings are required. Period. End of discussion. When in doubt, include a warning.

That said: Let's tell stories! Let's have fun!
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